BJP unhappy with poll percentage in Hyderabad: Kishan Reddy accuses govt, police and SEC

2 December, 2020 | newsx bureau

Kishan Reddy National

Unhappy with the poll percentage in Hyderabad elections, BJP senior leaders on Tuesday fasted all day at party headquarters and alleged misuse of government machinery, police and SEC.

The BJP senior leaders did day long fasting in party headquarters in Hyderabad against alleged misuse of Government machinery, police and SEC. BJP national Vice president DK Aruna, OBC morcha president Lakshman and Ex MP Vivek did fasting for the whole day and later they were given lemon juice by union home minister of state G.Kishan Reddy to break the fast.

Kishan Reddy told the Daily Guardian ,”TRS and MIM mingled and contested the polls. there is no problem for us. but money was distributed like anything in this GHMC elections never seen in 40 years. No party has distributed money like this in this whole country. TRS spent 5 to 6 crores in each division. SEC, police , Government machinery were misused by the ruling TRS. We BJP is the main opposition in Hyderabad fighting against MIM and TRS. Minsters, MPs, MLAs and CM KCR’s men distributed crores of money. But definitely BJP will win the elections.”

Kishan Reddy said that they not only fought against MIM and TRS but also against Police. TRS activists tried to crush BJP in the city but it would not be possible. The BJP chief of Telangana Bandi Sanjay said that the countdown started for TRS so that it planned for decreasing the poll percentage. He alleged that police created terror in the minds of people so they could not come forward to vote in GHMC polls.

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He said, “BJP is going to get mayor post in Hyderabad. even the SEC does not know the symbols of political party so that re-polling had to be ordered in Malkpet area. the officials are supposed to encourage voting but they purposefully decreased the percentage of voting. the police cooperated with AIMIM and TRS and distributed cash and liquor all over the city.”

He further said that TRS party’s car symbol is very visible and Lotus is not that much visible on the ballot paper. Bandi Sanjay’s car was attacked even before poll day. Tension prevailed at Necklace Road when a group of TRS workers, led by corporator P Vijaya Reddy, allegedly attacked BJP State president Bandi Sanjay Kumar’s convoy on Monday night.