Blame game on Covid-19 origin continues: China clamps down on its frozen meat suppliers

17 November, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

Coronavirus in China World

In an attempt to shift the origin of the virus, China has launched an attack on its beef and tripe suppliers, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand and Bolivia. China is the world's largest beef importer ...

The highly contagious, and to some extent, deadly, coronavirus has affected the world heavily. Global economies collapsed, people lost lives and families trying to eradicate this pestilence but we still do not know how long the pandemic is to stay, that is something far-fetched to say minus evidence.

Amid the suffering, a debate that has remained persistant and has become a talking point, should we say blame game, is the origin of the virus, which according to most of the world was Wuhan, a city of China. After WHO recently claimed that the chances of coronavirus finding its way onto frozen foods were very slim, the eastern Chinese city of Jinan found the novel coronavirus on beef and tripe, and on packaging for these products. In order to shift the blame, China, on the other hand, has now attacked its beef and tripe suppliers, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and New Zealand.

The cities and ports of Jinan, Shanghai, and Zhengzhou reported the presence of coronavirus on the packaging of these frozen foods and their contents, the food itself as well. The city of Lanzhou also claimed to have detected traces of coronavirus on shrimp imported from Saudi Arabia. Using these reports as evidence, China has self-proclaimed the beef and other frozen meat products provided by Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and New Zealand as the main cause of coronavirus.

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Additionally, while the entire world was trying to fight off coronavirus as its cases rose uncontrollably at an astronomical rate, China, on the other hand, was organising pool parties with large attendance. Despite warnings from WHO against mass gatherings, China continued allowing tourists into Wuhan, the very city whence the virus originated.

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