Saturday, December 9, 2023

Brazilian President Lula da Silva Outlines Country’s G20 Priorities after Conclusion of Delhi Summit

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Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva expressed his gratitude to India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their efforts in hosting the G20 Summit. During his country’s presidency of the G20, he outlined three key priorities: social inclusion and the fight against hunger, energy transition and sustainable development, and reform of global governance institutions.

These priorities align with the Brazilian presidency’s motto, “Building a fair world and a sustainable planet,” and will involve the creation of two task forces: the Global Alliance against Hunger and Poverty and the Global Mobilisation against Climate Change.

This announcement came at the closing session of the G20 Summit in New Delhi, where President Lula da Silva took over the Group of 20 Presidency from Prime Minister Modi. He emphasized the urgent need to eradicate world hunger by 2030, stressing that failure to do so would constitute a major setback in multilateral efforts.

Additionally, he called for greater political commitment, resources, and technology transfer to combat climate change. The President advocated for increased participation of emerging economies in decision-making processes at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and addressed the issue of unsustainable foreign debts in impoverished nations.

President Lula da Silva underscored the persistence of wealth inequality, hunger, and the ongoing threat to sustainable development worldwide. He emphasized that addressing inequality in income, access to healthcare, education, food, gender, and race, as well as improving representation, is essential to resolving these global issues.

The Brazilian President praised Prime Minister Modi for his efficient leadership during India’s G20 Presidency and commended India’s efforts to represent the interests of emerging economies. He also paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi, whom he deeply admires and considers a role model for his political career.

Prime Minister Modi handed over the G20 Presidency gavel to President Lula da Silva, marking the transition of leadership at the G20 Summit. In a symbolic gesture, Indonesian President Joko Widodo and President Lula da Silva presented saplings to Prime Minister Modi during the summit’s third session. Brazil will host the G20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro after India’s presidency, which began on December 1 last year and will continue until the end of November.

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