Breaking stereotypes while taking your legacy forward

23 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

Anubhav Gupta, Director, Artek Enterprises Pvt Ltd A List

Anubhav Gupta says that he knew from the very beginning that he would be a part of his family enterprise. He adds there is no better learning than that from within.

Anubhav Gupta, Director, Artek Enterprises Pvt Ltd. is an quintessential businessman,who has changed the way we think about family business. A graduate of St Columba’s Delhi, Anubhav did his bachelors degree from Amity Noida. After gaining some experience he did his post graduation from RMIT University, Melbourne and then joined Artek Enterpise after his MBA. Taking his legacy forward. This new age entrepreneur is changing the perception of family enterprise. Here is his advise to you.

‘I knew from the very beginning that I would be a part of my family enterprise. There is no better learning than that from within. That has helped me explore every aspect of our business. ‘ he told NewsX A-List. ‘The enterprise was established in 1979, two major roles of our company is to provide key IT solutions to government of India and providing industrial machines from Germany for plastic manufacturing industry.’

‘Being the director of the company I look at innovation and finding new ways to expand our product line. Being in the family business I have the opportunity to explore more as my father looks after the vision of the organisation & mother takes care of the financial side’.

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‘IT is a dynamic industry, where the demand is increasing every 6 months. With the changing times we have new products & solutions. Today we are working on providing home solutions for security, which we had never done before. We add new products & solutions to our portfolios and it is a constant on- going process.’

‘For opportunities to rise, we need to change the vision a bit now. We are adapting to the change quickly, as the way to do business is completely different now. Our clients also have become more demanding. Things we couldn’t sell for months earlier now have become an essential eg. video conferencing. There is a silver lining for us as the demand for IT solutions is increasing, our product line is expanding.’

‘Starting your own business is simpler than following a legacy because the challenge of shifting the direction of a medium or large-scale business is much harder than implementing your own ideas. Existing business can’t be very agile and in today’s day and age we need that. At the same time a family business comes with a lot of experience & goodwill which has no substitute.’


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