Thursday, November 30, 2023

BTS Member V aka Kim Taehyung Turns 27

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One of the most well-known and adored K-pop idols is BTS member V. On December 30, the South Korean artist celebrates his 27th birthday. On Kim Taehyung’s special day, fans have prepared special arrangements for their favourite star. To make sure that his birthday is a worldwide celebration, his followers have gone above and above. View the BTS Army’s celebration of V’s birthday, which includes decorating buses and opening cafés.

Indian Fandom

V’s Indian fanbase, known as the “Taehyung India Fanbase,” sent two promotional videos: one to Kolkata’s “Vardaan Market,” where it will be shown from December 28 to December 31; and the other to Mumbai’s Infinity Mall, where it will be shown on the nation’s largest LED screen from December 29 to December 31.

Vietnam Fandom

Vietnamese supporters from the “Double Rich Team” will put LED billboards at Hanoi’s Savico Megamall on December 30 and 31.

Baidu Viva

According to some, Baidu Viva has the biggest K-pop following. On the occasion of V’s birthday, his fans are showing their affection for him in a variety of ways all around the world. The super-sized LED advertising for V’s Thai fans, “BTS V THAILAND,” will be on display at Bangkok’s MBK Center from December 25 to December 31. The fan group declared that they will display commercials on all 22 Oculus screens for two days, from December 29 to 30, in honour of the unique event.

Nuna V

One of the most well-liked Korean fan sites for V is Nuna V. It appears like Nuna V is self-funding one of the biggest global café events ever. They’ll throw the biggest birthday party they’ve ever had for their idol. It is anticipated that it will occur at six distinct cafés located in six different countries, including Dubai, South Korea, and Japan.

The “Vung Vung Bus,” which will be decorated with Taehyung’s graphics, is reportedly being organised by Nuna V. The buses will be decorated with a purple theme as a tribute to V’s “purple you” statement.

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