Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Building a persona online is a lot more work than people attribute it: Anoushka Maskey

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Music content creator Anoushka Maskey recently joined NewsX for a candid conversation as part of NewsX Influencer A-List. In the exclusive interview, Anoushka opened up about her journey so far, social media, content creation and much more. Read excerpts.

Speaking about her journey and what brought her into the music industry, Anoushka said, “Music for me was something that I saw myself doing just as a hobby. I was never in an environment that gave me the belief that I could pursue it as a profession. All through school and college, I was in bands. I used to sing and just do cover songs. It was only when I pursued a career path that was in corporate that I realised it is something that I don’t want to do at all. It was the realisation of how badly I didn’t want to do everything else. That made me focus on what actually meant the most to me. For me, it was been backwards. Instead of pursuing music as a career first and going about from there, it was about pursuing other forms of things first and then coming backwards and realising what my heart actually wanted.”

On being asked what she prefers amongst performing live gigs and content creating, she responded, “There are pros and cons with both. Let me start with content creating. Building a persona online is a lot more work than people attribute it. I can speak for myself. For example, I am recording a cover song. I obviously want the setting to be perfect. I want the frame to look good, I want me to look nice in the lighting and I want my voice to sound good. Sometimes you can get in your head a lot. Even if something is actually good, you may not see it because you have these incredibly high standards and expectations for yourself. Because you are in the comfort of your home and you have the freedom to record it however many times as you want, it becomes a loop. You are like you know what, I can change this. Out of 5 minutes, 1 minute I don’t like so I will record the entire thing again. Instead of becoming fun, it becomes something taxing so that is something incredibly important to look at. Don’t let it tire you out. “

“Whereas, when it is live, there is obviously the nervousness. For me, the biggest nervousness with performing live is about not forgetting my lyrics. I have a horrible memory. I always keep forgetting the lyrics, especially my own songs. The thing with live is that you have got one chance. You get out there, you do it. Whether it is good or it is not, it is just what happens in the moment and you don’t have the headache of doing it over and over again. I think both have their perks and both have their pros and cons”, she added.

Check out the entire interview on NewsX YouTube:

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