Sarcasm Alert, Junk Mail and much more…Here is a list  of 5 Start Ups that closed down because people termed their concepts as ‘bizarre’.


In 2010, a startup called Intellitar came under the media spotlight for promising humans virtual eternity. What that meant was that for a small fee, you’ll be able to live forever, but indeed digitally.
All of that was for $25 a month to anyone willing to create a digital avatar. All they had to do was upload a photo and voice sample, and take a personality test. Once the avatar is ready, you need to train it with stories, memories and photos.
The company claims this would lead to a digital footprint your family, friends and great grandchildren can talk to. Unfortunately the company got shutdown, because it got itself into an expensive IP law suit. 10,000 people had reportedly signed up.

Junk Mail

In 2013, a startup based in Austin, Texas decided to act as a mail agent for customers.
It offered ‘postal mail like email’ through professionals called ‘unpostmen’. These people will go to a person’s mailbox, collect their mail, scan everything, even junk mail, and send it to the person’s email inbox.
All of this came at a mere $4.99 a month. 


If someone is literally ostentatious, if someone loves  to show off everything he lavishes his  cash on? Blippy links his credit card to Twitter. That way, every purchase the person makes is broadcast to the world.
The company raised some $13 million, and gained serious users! However, in April 2010 it leaked some credit card numbers on Google, and the company got shut next year.


The firm would charge its customers for guessing a person’s age based on a photo, and charges money for it.


In 2014, a startup called washboard was letting you pay $26 for $20 in quarters.
What that means is the customer pays over 35%, just to be offered the luxury to pay in coins, and not bank-notes. strange though!

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