New York: Rebranding has been taken to the next level this summer season with the popular beer brand Budweiser renaming itself as ‘America’.
The change, announced this summer-election season, has surely one-upped Donald Trump’s promise to make America great again by making ‘America’ beer. 
Beginning later this month, the script that usually reads “Budweiser” on the brewing company’s cans and bottle labels, will read ‘America’. The text at the bottom of the can will read, ‘From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters this land was made for you and me’.
‘King of Beers’ that could be found under Budweiser will also change to ‘E Pluribus Unum’, which translates into ‘Out of many, one’.
The bottled version will get a rebranding too, which features the first lines of the Star-Spangled Banner at the top of the label.
“We thought nothing was more iconic than Budweiser and nothing was more iconic than America,” Tosh Hall, the creative director at branding firm JKR, said.
Although the packaging will stay in place until November, in case if people were worried that an election featuring presumptive nominee Donald Trump would lack the requisite touch of the absurd.
The campaign is Budweiser’s plea for attention. But the fact that it’s needed at all shows how much American beer-drinking habits have altered in the past few decades. Tastes have changed several times, and each change has pushed Budweiser further down on America’s list.

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