Ace of Spades PR Agency shares 3 reasons why every entrepreneur needs to be published online.

1. You gain EXPOSURE

When your name is written in articles all over the internet, it instantly brings more eyes to yourself and your business. It makes you more easily discovered, as well as brings you more customers, clients, and even social media followers!

2. Your CREDIBILITY and TRUST skyrockets

You immediately become the person to do business with! So if you’re published, that instantly shows that you are the real deal and can be trusted when it comes to doing business together. You become positioned as an industry leader, and the more places you have been published, the more credibility you have.

3. You become the more FAVOURABLE choice

When potential clients or customers are looking for a service or product, chances are they are comparing you with your competitors. If you have been published in the press and have the words ‘As seen on FORBES/BUSINESS INSIDER/USA TODAY/ETC’ you immediately become the more favourable choice!

Ace of Spades PR Agency specializes in helping personal brands and entrepreneurs become leaders in their industry through press and social media promotions like tv, podcast and verification

To learn more about Ace of Spades, you can visit their website and find the founder, Jay Jay, on Instagram @jayajaylive.