Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday introduced the Union Budget 2017 which was primarily aimed as a balm for the inconvenience faced by the middle class due to demonetisation.

Income tax sops and a more economical interaction in the housing sector was largely on focus during Jaitley’s speech on Budget 2017. Albeit the various policies did not surpass expectations, it was clear that the budget acted as a stepping stone to the promised positive impacts of demonetisation. 

Reducing to several impacts this budget may have on the pockets of consumers, prices of certain commodities are expected to vary. Some things will become more expensive while some will be a little more affordable.


Things which will be cheaper

  1. LED Lamps
  1. Solar Panels
  1. Micro ATMs
  1. Printed circuit boards for mobiles
  1. Fingerprint reader
  1. Iris scanner
  1. Service taxes for bookings via IRCTC to be withdrawn
  2. Liquefied Natural Gas


Things which will be costlier

  1. Tobacco products (Cigarette, pan masala, bidis)
  1. Food Processing (Cashew nut, roasted or salted)
  1. Goods imported through parcels
  1. Silver coins
  2. Circuit boards for Mobiles

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