A top US intelligence think-tank has said that India will be the fastest growing economy over the next five years.

“Pakistan, unable to match India’s economic prowess, will seek other methods to maintain even a semblance of balance,” said the report ‘Global Trends’ of the National Intelligence Council (NIC)

The think tank also claimed that Pakistan would be unable to match India’s growth and will seek “other methods” to maintain even a resemblance of balance.

“India will be the world’s fastest growing economy during the next five years as China’s economy cools and growth elsewhere sputters, but internal tensions over inequality and religion will complicate its expansion,” the report said.

“In its efforts to curtail militancy, Islamabad will also face multiple internal security threats, as well as a gradual degradation of equipment used in these operations, declining financial resources, and a debate over changes needed to reduce the space for extremism,” it said.

The report also mentioned that Pakistan will seek to maintain a diverse set of foreign partners. Pakistan will also try to develop a credible nuclear deterrent by expanding its nuclear arsenal.