Disney parks in Florida and California would get more expensive, as prices on single-day tickets, annual passes and parkings were all going up, the media reported.

Single-day tickets to the Disney World in Orlando are now $107 and $115 up from 105 and 110 before, Xinhua news agency reported.

For the Disneyland in Anaheim, single-day tickets cost $97, $110 or $124, up from 95, 105 or 119 before.

“Our pricing provides guests a range of options that allow us to better manage demand to maximize the guest experience and is reflective of the distinctly Disney offerings at all of our parks,” Suzi Brown, director of media relations and external communications at the park, stated in the price hike announcement on Sunday.

However, many people were not happy with the price hike.

“Disneyland announced increase on ticket prices, again. Soon I’ll have to sell my car to be able to afford to go there,” a Los Angeles resident said.

“To pay so much to be able to go to Disneyland, is it really the happiest place to be?” another resident said.

On the other hand, a Disney spokesperson said the price was fair enough.

“If you compare our pricing to other forms of family entertainment, from football games to golf events to ski passes, major concerts, we offer a great value for the money. Guests can enjoy a full day of entertainment, up to 16 hours, when at Disney Parks,” the spokesperson said.

The last time Disney parks increased prices were February 28, 2016.