Cab-hailing service Uber on Thursday announced that riders can now update their pick-up location after they have requested a ride, in case they happened to request from the wrong place.

“Pick-ups are one of the hardest parts of the experience to get right, and they are especially difficult when riders accidentally request a pickup from the wrong place,” said Ryan Yu, Software Engineer, and Rachel Holt, Regional General Manager, US and Canada at Uber, in a blog post.

With this new feature, Uber users can now conveniently redirect the driver to the correct location through the app, even when the driver is en route.

This feature will be made available to all riders across India in the coming weeks, the company added.

Recently, Uber launched its food delivery app UberEATS in India. The service will initially be available in Mumbai.

Uber’s online food delivery platform will be released as its own application. The company has partnered with over 200 restaurants and promises delivery time of 35 minutes.

The application will show users a list of popular local restaurants upon detecting their location. There is no minimum order size, however a delivery fee of Rs 15 will be levied on each purchase. The users can also track their delivery status on the app.