Asking for an off at the workplace is always a task. Be it illness, marriage, vacations or death of a dear one in the family, you can never be sure of getting a time off. But these two companies have come up with rules that are not only employee-friendly but they guarantee you the peace of mind too.

No, you are not getting offs to fulfill your dreams of a long dreamy vacation with your family or friends.

The company will stand by you during the most difficult times of your life.

After Facebook, now Mastercard is giving employees more paid time to grieve after the death of family members. The offs will be given so that a person is able to get out of distress if there is a tragedy at home.

The company is extending the bereavement leave, offering employees who have lost immediate family members up to 20 days off.

The company’s CEO Ajaypal Singh said, “Those who have lost a spouse, child or domestic partner can take 20 days off to cope up with the loss.

The inspiration for Mastercard’s new policy comes from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg who extended her company’s bereavement leave from 10 to 20 days after losing her husband two years ago.

Supporting Mastercard’s decision, Sheryl Sandberg said: “Mastercard is sending a strong message to its employees: we’ll stand by you during the most difficult moments of your life.”

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