Reliance Jio took the telecom market by storm after announcing the launch of Reliance Jio Phone with an effective price of Rs 0. The official sales website crashed on the day of sale as millions of users flooded the site with requests for registration in a bid to grab the phone faster than others. According to reports Reliance has now decided to start the delivery and is planning to make their feature phones available to over 6 million users by Diwali. However, people who are excited to get their hands on the new Jio phones can be up for some shocking details when they will go through the guidelines of the terms and policies attached to the phone.

Here are a few pointers which will keep you covered:

Cost Rs 0? Think again: The Jio Phone will have an effective price of Rs 0, however, the users have to pay a security deposit of Rs 1500, which according to the company will be refunded back to the customers only after 3 years on the successful return of the phone.

Here are the conditions to get back the refund

* If a customer fails to return the phone, 3 months after the completion of 3 years, the security refund of Rs 1500 will be ceased by the company.

* The only way to get the refund is to get the phone returned well within time.

* If someone wants to return the phone before 36 months, there will be charges deducted from the security deposit which varies according to the time period.

* If a customer wants to return it before 1 year, the company will charge Rs 1500 plus applicable taxes. An amount of Rs 1000 plus taxes will be deducted if the phone is returned between after a year.

* The phone should be in a working condition and should not be damaged at the time of return or it won’t be considered.

* Jio assures its customers with a warranty of 1 year on the phones but, the assurance would stand to cancel if the handset’s seal, serial number or code is altered or modified.

* All data has to be deleted and the sim-card has to be removed before returning the Jio Phone.

Conditions of Usage

* Yes, there are a few conditions on which you will have to suffice if you want to keep using your Jio Phone

* A Jio Phone user will have to mandatorily get recharges of minimum worth Rs 1500 per year on it for smooth usage. Which means Rs 4500 in 3 years has to be spent on the phone, or it is useless.

* Company “may collect and store recordings of your voice that RRL makes when you use voice commands to control a service.” These recordings can be shared with speech-to-text conversion services on Jio’s behalf to “receive and store certain voice commands.”

* A JioPhone issued on a particular customer’s name cannot be transferred or assigned to anyone else.

* No other sim-card except Reliance Jio can be utilised in the phone, however company reserves the right for any changes that can come in action.

What after 3 years?

* If the phone is not returned within 39 months of the purchase date, the company reserves right to fortify the refund deposit.

* The company also mentions that they will repossess the Jio Phone after the 3 year period. Which makes it clear that every customer will have to return his phone at a certain point of time.

These pointers should have answered all the queries you had about your much awaited Jio Phone