7th Pay Commission: The Central Government employees may receive good news in the new year as Government may implement the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission and hike salaries in 2019, say reports. The government employees from across the country have been protesting and demanding to hike the minimum salaries from a very long time and now they may receive some good news. According to the reports, thousands of BSNL employees under the banner of All-Union and Association of BSNL raised their 6 demands, which are forwarded to Department of Telecom and State Minister for Telecom Manoj Sinha. In cognizance to the matter, the Department of Telecom has also written a letter to the Finance Ministry to resolve the issue.

The Department of Telecom has agreed on most of the demands and is likely to remove the retired pension amendment. The DoT officials after meeting the MoS Manoj Sinha have dropped a hint that soon all the demands will be stamped and implemented by the government.

Here are important things you need to know about the 7th pay commission:

  • The 7th pay commission has not been implemented in many states till now and central government employees are continuously demanding to hike their basic salaries.
  • The government has former Central Pay Commission committee to resolve the issues and around Rs 10, 000 crores will be distributed and employees will get DA of 14 months.
  • The Central Government employees will get the pending arrears of 36 months after the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission.
  • Maharashtra has implemented the 7th Pay Commission norms and given a salary hike to 20 lakh government employees as a new year gift.

8 responses to “7th Pay Commission: Central government employees likely to get hike in salaries in 2019”

  1. India me sirf Govt employees hi nahi hai kyada log Pvt. Companies/Trust/Association/Properitership me Crore log job karte hai unka kaun Dhyan dega 5000- 10k me kaam kar rahe hai kitno Ko to minimum wages bhi nahi milta aur ye baat pure India ki hai

  2. रोज ऐसी news सुना करके मन ही बहला रहे है। अब तक तो मिल ही नही कुछ भी। पहले भी Govt ने कान को सीधे सीधे न पकड़ के हाथ को घुमा के पकड़ा। सिर्फ दो चार हज़ार बढ़ा के govt सोचती है कि हमने बहुत बड़ा तीर मार लिया है। जो लो metro सिटी में duty कर रहे है उनसे पूछो की वो घर कैसे manage कर रहे है। इतनी सैलेरी में तो नंगा नहायेगा क्या और निचोड़ेगा क्या। देश के सिपाही वर्ग के लोग जो बॉर्डर पर daily अपनी जान गवां रहे है उनको सिर्फ इतनी सैलेरी की एक मुट्ठी में भी नही आती। सरकार को एक बार इसमे सोचने की जरूरत है। अफसर के बराबर नही तो कम से कम उनको उतनी तो सैलेरी मील की वो अपने बच्चो को सरकारी स्कूलों में ना पढ़ा के वो भी प्राइवेट स्कूलों में पढ़ा सके ताकि वो बड़े हो कर किसी अच्छे पद पर पहुच कर देश का नाम रोशन करें। सरकार को सोचना चाहिए।

  3. These are all fake news. Neither BJP nor Modifications do any favour to any Indian other than Albania. Media is making fun of all CG employees. Don’t believe these fake news

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