7th pay commission: The Indian Railways is planning to give 3 times more allowances to the Class 4 employees, say reports. In a seminar organised by the All India Railways Federation (AIRF) at the Karnail Singh Stadium near New Delhi Railway Station, the AIRF official said that there have been several attacks on gatemen and taximan on duty, so in view to the big risk, Indian Railways has raised the duty alliance to three times. Which means the Class 4 employees will get Rs 4,100 instead of Rs 1,000.

The India Railways official notification reads, “The demand for raising Risk on Duty Allowance (RDA) has been raised from Rupees One Thousand to Four Thousand and One Hundred.” The notification added that if any gateman or taximan feels that his life is in danger, the employee will not be forced to do work. It will be totally his choice to do it or not.

Here are important things you need to know about the 7th pay commission:

  • The central government employees have been protesting and demanding to hike their basic salaries as per the 7th pay commission.
  • The 7th pay commission has not been implemented in many states till now.
  • The government has formed Central Pay Commission committee to resolve the issues and around Rs 10, 000 crores are to be distributed among employees.
  • The central government employees are likely to get the DA of 14 months and the pending arrears of 36 months after the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission.
  • The Maharashtra government has already implemented the 7th Pay Commission norms and 20 lakh government employees got the salary hike as a new year gift from the state.

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