Ayurveda, a 5000-year old Indian medicinal practice, takes care of the human mind, body, and soul alike to promote a healthy lifestyle. Contrary to the popular belief, Ayurveda is not about rejecting the modern lifestyle altogether. Rather, it encourages us to incorporate ancient wisdom into our modern lifestyles to make them optimal. It believes in treating all physical and mental ailments by following a holistic approach. This century-old medicinal system uses natural components to prevent illness and cure any health condition. As the Indian market is witnessing a growth in the usage of western medicine, Mahipal Singh, a visionary entrepreneur, is making continuous efforts to revitalise the relevance of Ayurvedic practices in the Indian households with his ayurvedic health & wellness venture Asclepius Wellness.

Asclepius Wellness is involved in formulating a wide range of beauty and personal care products using scientific governance and natural ingredients. The company believes that Ayurveda is a lifestyle choice rather than a simple regime of medication. So, under the mindful leadership of Mahipal Singh, the health product manufacturing firm is dedicated to inspiring Indians to embrace Ayurveda for its multifaceted benefits. Talking about his vision, entrepreneur Mahipal Singh comments, “Ayurvedic concoctions for wellness products have been an integral part of the Indian foundation of mankind. Ours is a measure to refurbish and revive consumers’ trust in the Ayurvedic medicines and highlight their safe and indeed nature-friendly aspect of consumption.”

However, Asclepius Wellness is more than a simple manufacturer of herbal products. The company is also engaged in the business of direct selling which involves selling products directly to the customers in a non-retain environment. As a successful entrepreneur, Mahipal Singh recognises the urgency of creating new employment opportunities for the Indian youth. His revolutionary platform supports the budding businessmen to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace through implementing direct selling principles. The stalwart entrepreneur remarks, “We are a team of business professionals who are striving to be better every day. Throughout our journey, two things have been constant for us while working. One is our dedication to increasing employment opportunities for people looking forward to working with us or manifest a strong foothold in this industry, and the other is reviving the lost essence of Ayurveda in the country.”

Founded as a part of a larger mission, the healthcare product manufacturing firm is involved in creating dynamic entrepreneurs through supporting their businesses. The top-notch products of Asclepius Wellness include everything from hair care to oral care to health & personal care to food products. With such a wide range of natural products and direct marketing methods, the company has been successful in leaving a positive impact on the Indian health & wellness market. It has also attracted global attention and, as a result, it has received an award at International Excellence Awards, Malaysia 2019.

Mahipal Singh and his company take pride in their scientific business methodologies, total transparency, dedication, and hard work. Utilising the guidance of such a robust individual, the firm is all set to reach new heights and sustain growth while continuing to assist individual business owners.

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