A person might wonder the most in a lifetime what drives them to become an actor. If one desires to stand out, it’s usually for the sake of being in the spotlight. There is imagination, love, or just the desire to stand out. The desire to stand out and love for acting made Prachi Kadam pursue acting.

She started making her videos on Instagram Reels and rapidly gained 2M+ followers in a short period of time.
Her fans never fail to shower her with love when she posts lip-syncing videos, dancing videos, and comedy videos on her account.

The love for acting was sparked by Prachi’s desire to be under the spotlight as a child, and her desire to entertain others. She would mimic people around her and make everyone smile, and that’s what motivated her to become an actress. Throughout his childhood, Prachi was cast in several popular and loved shows, such as ‘Fear files’ and ‘Savdhan India’. As a performer, Prachi was well-liked. She also did a Maggie commercial which made her name a household name.

The moment Prachi comes on screen and delivers dialogues the audience is captivated and sticks on the seat. She is only 15 years old and achieved heights few could ever imagine. Many parents see Prachi as a role model for their children.

In her dream project, Prachi starred in the song Udhal Ho, which is a Sanjay Leela Bhansali production. She also starred in the film My Father’s Dream, a family drama where a daughter fulfils her father’s dream.