It is needless to say that Indian soil has produced exemplary heroes ever since India got her recognition on the map. Heroism and showing courage against the hardest of hardest calamities is in the veins of Indians. Be it a campaign for an independent India, fight against hardships, or overcoming disabilities, Indian heroes have never failed to perform against the difficulties.

A person who has done something good and challenging for oneself or as a favour to society and draws outstanding results can be called a hero. There needs nothing extraordinary to be a hero. Hero Motocorp’s Ad depicts the same thing. The ‘Hum Mein Hai Hero’ ad shows heroism is present within all of us. When you help needy people in some way or another, the wave of satisfaction that flows throughout your body gives you a feeling of being a hero. The one who embodies traits like courage, conviction, perseverance, determination, and honesty can toil hard against the odds and be called a hero.

It would not be wrong to call Adil Qadri a hero of our generation. His faith in winning accompanied by an honest attempt brought him the plaudits. He fought against the monstrous Asthma residing within his body that was lynching his dreams and life as well.

Today, Adil Qadri is counted as a successful digital entrepreneur who has made his name a brand itself. He founded an e-commerce platform called ‘Adilqadri Online Fragrance and Islamic Store’ dedicated to serving the needs of people that comprise lifestyle and health products. According to Adil Qadri, staying patient yet hustling and confident of winning helped him overcome the hardships.

 Early Life of Adil Qadri

Mohammad Adil Asif Malkani, later known as ‘Adil Qadri‘ on the internet, was born in Gujarat on 20 December 1993. The people of Gujarat are already praised for their accountancy and business doing skills. No one can doubt the future of an entrepreneur born in the land of Bilimora, Gujarat.

Adil Qadri belonged to a middle-class family who had no other means for survival but to do a job. The childhood phase of Adil was bumpy and filled with obstacles. Life has given him loads of reasons to lament his existence, but he was man made of steel. Adil was diagnosed with a severe type of Asthma at an early age. His daily routine would exhaust him off. So, he had to discontinue doing activities that would tire him, including his schooling and playing with friends. Adil ultimately got confined within his house for more than five years. He was not amongst those children who were opportunists to spend the childhood capriciously. Being a child, his health was so delicate that he needed supervision more than often.

Adil Qadri’s server asthma was impacting the family finances too. The job was the only income source for his father and mother. The money would not flow in as compared to it flow out given to the treatment of Adil’s disease and monthly family maintenance. But no father can care about finance when it’s a matter of life for his child.

 Adil Qadri’s willpower boost

The financial struggle of the family could not escape from the eyes of Adil Qadri. His father Mr. Asif Malkani’s, and mother Mrs. Shehnaz Malkani’s effort to make both ends meet was profoundly saddening for him. During these testing times, faith in an adage that goes as ‘this day shall pass too’ was the silver lining amidst the clouds of hardship for him. The brave sons of Indian soil taught him nothing could change the situation, but efforts and hard work do.

Adil Qadri’s Career

Adil Qadri realized that physical activities exhaust him, but he can do something that would not tire him and pay him. So, Adil Qadri started exploring such available options. He found that mobile and computer repairing work could be done by sitting in one place. He got himself enrolled in a repairing course and luckily found a job soon after it.

Adil Qadri’s uncle Ilyas Hingora further suggested that he learn digital marketing and SEO skills to advance himself according to the changing time. Adil Qadri, as suggested, tried a hand in digital marketing too and excelled in it soon.

Adil Qadri wanted to do something new. So, he launched a website in 2015, but it failed miserably. He badly failed in his first attempt, but he stood again even more robust.

Adil Qadri’s life-changing decision

Adil Qadri found a considerable gap in the supply and demand of Muslim faith products as alcohol is forbidden in Islam, Muslims avoid using alcohol-based deodorants. But in the past years, deodorants have devoured the share of attars. Capturing this loophole, Adil Qadri launched an e-commerce platform in 2018 named after him to fulfil the need for non-alcoholic attars. Adil aimed to provide non-alcoholic attars, Barkati Topi, Muslim designer caps, Muslim faith specialized symbols, natural herbs, and dry fruits.

‘Adilqadri Online Fragrance and Islamic Store’ was the first platform in the e-commerce business catering to the need for Islamic faith products. Also, he was not making any compromise on the product quality. In no time, Adil Qadri attars became a star attraction of his startup. His attars and other products’ quality did help him promote his line of products.

A few of his attars, as AdilQadri Shanaya attar perfume, got immediately famous amongst youth. Newly launched attars fulfill the needs of the modern generation and can be used by both men and women.

Adil Qadri’s sense of uniqueness and honesty in his work made him a celebrated personality on the internet and in real life. He is looking forward to expanding his brand in the physical markets around Gujarat. He inaugurated his first brand outlet on 23 October 2021 in Alipore, Chikhali, Gujrat.