Sunday, October 2, 2022

Advocate in making Majid Khan wants to join politics to reform society

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Most of the time, we argue about the ethics of the ruling party, but a majority of the people do not want to stand out on their defense. We always find a leader who can convey our views to the authority or the media on behalf of us. When society is deforming day by day, then we must think about the reformation process sooner than later.

Unemployment problems, economic crashes, low GDP, women’s safety, increasing number of rapes, and molestation cases are making us frustrated, but where should we go to complain! There are many cases when justice is given based on the caste or religion of the victim and whether the criminal has any connection with the political parties or not. Police also listen to politicians rather than helping the common people. Though, the story is not filled with pessimism. Some politicians and influencers help the common public with warm hearts. They do not bother with their problematic situations. These altruists are always there to solve the problem with a big smile.

The main problem behind this filthy situation is because of the uneducated politicians who are ruling us. If educated people can replace them, then the reforming process will be much easier. Education brings the light of wisdom, and when you are wise enough to understand the facts yourself, then only you can bring change to others.

Majid Khan is the son of a profound politician, and he has seen the responsibility the politicians carry when they try to make society a better living place. Unlike other renowned families, Majid Khan wants to study law to understand the norms of society. He aims to complete his bachelor’s degree in LLB and then complete post-graduation on the same niche, then he will join politics to do great works.

Majid Khan was born in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. He wanted to help others since childhood. Doing good work for society, listening to needy people, solving various problems of others through social-work are the things which Majid Khan always wanted to do in life. Being the son of a politician made his way a bit easier practically, but he did not want to take the short cut before coming to the playground.

He wants to study it thoroughly, which is why Majid Khan got admission to ICFAI Law School Hyderabad after completing school. He is pursuing BA LLB honors now. Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, and Social justice are the core subject of his degree studies. After getting the graduation degree, he has plans for abroad, and he will complete his post-graduation degree there.

Majid Khan considers that becoming a politician is a noble work, and it can be used to help others in different ways. Understanding the dynamics of society and working according is what Majid Khan wants to do in the future. It is a straight-forward process for politicians to become demagogues, but it takes guts to carry the altruistic and ascetic persona, which we notice in Majid Khan. The young generation should learn from him how to become a good leader.

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