The young founder believes, “In the end, everything works out well, you only need to give your best and never bother about the results” A South Delhi-based young mind and innovator in Digital marketing loves travelling, music, and digital creation. At a very early age, he came up with the idea to build a bootstrapped company, Shutter Cast, which is now making huge profits and serving clients with trust first, and digital services later.

He was just 17 when the idea of a start-up hit his mind and then his dream gradually became true. He has made his hobby and curiosity work for him, from a side project to a one-stop solution.

Roy has many tiny dreams and exciting ventures in the queue, waiting to bloom. Apart from working for his main business, Shutter Cast, he is passionate about story writing as well. He finds peace and happiness in listening to music and travelling to different places. The imaginative mind and creative heart make him a writer as well. Story writing would have been his alternative professional path if he wouldn’t have been into digital marketing. The term ‘wanderer’ suits him the most as he is the person who craves to explore new and exotic cuisine while he is travelling. Amol lives have a spoonful of Digital Marketing and a pinch of spice of passion for travelling and music in his life. He is the man who goes offbeat to get lots and finds himself in solace in travelling. He is a nature lover and the speaking pictures on his Instagram page “Shutter and Voyages” are the proof. Roy likes reading books in his leisure time.

His client-centric approach has made his company, Shutter Cast reach new heights with every passing year. He is an optimistic person with a bag full of dreams. Owing to the love for travelling and digital platforms, Amol conceptualized Shutter and Voyages, a tech and travel podcast for the wanderlust and tech-heads. It’s been a long he started sharing creative and interesting content on his Instagram page called ‘Shutter and Voyages’. The content hailing from various categories makes the page highly interesting.

Amol Roy believes that digitalization became a new cool during the pandemic and will remain forever with us. He has been a person with a broader vision for the digital world. His aim towards his main business, Shutter Cast is to win the trust of his clients and serve them with transparency, the most powerful element which other start-ups and companies are lacking in. He is now capitalizing on his talent and dedication.

Amol strongly trusts in the power of human emotions and forming connections. However, he knows that Business doesn’t run on emotions and takes people nowhere. He follows the footsteps of Steve jobs and is highly inspired by his ideologies of life. The origin of his thoughts lies in history, the significance of human emotions is very high in his life. Amol made people, and the industry feels his presence with his capacity to think out-of-the-box. Roy’s piece of advice to others from all the sectors is that humans will remember things which they could connect with, just like best campaigns around the world. He addresses himself as an over-emotional person. Following his passion of Digital creation, He once worked with his team to make a smart AI assistant for one of his client and were extremely happy with the results.

The creative being can be addressed with various names, a founder, YouTuber, Blogger, Traveler, and a freelancer. Hailing from a technical background, his expertise is in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, filming, digital marketing, virtual reality, and video editing. He has always been involved in many ventures and believed that the skills should be put to use. Amol manages his core team, generates new businesses, develops crucial technologies, and ideates. He has been the face of experiments in the field of Digital marketing because of his genuine approach towards telling a story of various brands approaching him.

His philosophy of life makes him move beyond failures, challenges, and crises. He has been a person who enjoys living in the present and to the fullest. He is a firm believer that everything is temporary in this world and nothing would last, be it a failure or good times. These life-changing thoughts give him immense strength to overcome difficulties of life, take substantial leaps in professional and personal life.