During our online meet with Sarthak Sharma, we asked him several questions about his life and how he achieved establishing his own brand AutoForSure. This young gentleman has always had a passion for innovation and business. Sarthak Sharma started implementing his business ideas at a very early stage in his life. Sarthak Sharma was born in Delhi, India on 4th August 2000. He is now successfully managing an online booking platform for Autos/Taxi ride-sharing.

 When did you think of starting AutoForSure?

 Mr Sharma said, “While daily commuting to college, I found it hard to hire an auto-rickshaw, and there was no way to regulate the drivers and safety of the passenger. At this moment, I realized the need to start my business platform for users to book nearby autos. AutoForSure was revolutionary for users and drivers as now they can opt for cashless transactions on our platform amid – COVID 19.  Safety was one of the priority, keeping that in mind, we have in-app safety features for our users if they face any issue with any trip.“

 What obstacles did you encounter during the initial journey of AutoForSure?

 Mr Sharma said, “I started AutoForSure with one of my good friends. Initially, we both faced problems regarding the registration of Auto Drivers on our platform. They were not ready to adopt the new way of doing business, and they preferred the conventional halt-and-go auto stands. However, now we have hundreds of drivers registered on our platform, and they have seen the increment in their daily business with us. We also plan to expand our business nationwide in all metropolitan areas and some rural areas by the end of 2022. ”

 Suggestion or any business ideas for a young newcomer?

 Mr. Sharma said,  “One must look around you to find an opportunity or find what fascinates one. Dedication, patience, and smart work are all you need to create a business online. If you are an aspiring young entrepreneur, work for your dreams along with your Education. “