Covid 19 had a very big impact on society, in the world economy which in turn impacted a lot of things and most importantly it changed the way how things work. Due to Covid-19 many people lost employment, it crushed the dreams of many upcoming businesses and startups and the situations were getting desperate for everyone. But in all these scenarios many young entrepreneurs came up as rising stars. Mr Bivek Kumar is one of those rising stars, he used the situation as a tailwind for the ship of his success and took his startup Minnions Tech to a whole new level and became a paragon in the field of digital marketing.

Bivek Kumar a 28-year-old young man, is from the state of Jharkhand and has done his B-Tech from NIT Jalandhar and M-Tech from Vinayak Mission University, Chennai. He has experience of 6 years in the tech field. Though he is an engineer, he always had a knack for having something of his own which motivated him to become the Founder & CEO of a young startup called Minnions Tech.

He founded this company in September 2017, and in a span of just 4 years, his startup has achieved tremendous heights in the field of digital marketing. A field which is comparatively new in India, though we have a lot of other startups and competitors in this relatively new field, what differentiates Minnions tech from other brands and companies is the work ethics which is embedded in the DNA of the company. Certainly, this was the reason which made the clients trust Minnions Tech as their competent service provider and in turn became a reason for the skyrocketing success of the company. The company under his Guidance had the opportunity to work with Multi-Billion Dollar Giants such as OLA, OYO, The Dubai Hills, Marriot Group and HSBC Bank to name a few.

Bivek sensed the boom which social media is going to create in society as well as the market structure and felt the need to utilise the potential of social media for the good. The company works in the fields of Digital Marketing, Website Designing, Hosting Service, Software development, Social Media Marketing, Influencers Marketing, Google Ads, Lead Generation, and Online Reputation Management, and these are the fields which one need to utilise to start and enhance the online potential of the business. For the purpose of working in an efficient manner and to make an impact in whatever they do, they have made sub-branches of Minnions Tech which are:- Minnions Host, Minnions Fame, Minnions Chat, Minnions Automation.

Minnions Tech has had tremendous growth which can be shown statistically, till date it has served more than 50,000 in a short span of years and the numbers are going up every day.  The company has handled over 30 Cr marketing budget and generated over 500,000 leads and delivered a 200 to 500 % growth for the clients within the first year of association.

Apart from the startup Bivek Kumar also served as the General Secretary of the Northern region in the Election Commission of India and due to his personal work ethics and professionalism, he was awarded a Gold Medal by the Government of India.

Bivek recently launched Minnions Fame a younger sub-branch of Minnions Tech in August 2021, which is reportedly a marketing platform with 150,000+  influencers. Minnions Fame is another great attempt but Minnions Tech and Bivek Kumar, which can be used to unleash the full potential of internet and use the power of Influencing. This market platform has the potency to drive a more concentrated audience which can in fact boost the sales and the profits of the clients.  Bivek Kumar further plans to expand the company and to bring more Indian businesses on board. In the Time of COVID-19 The Minnions tech proved to be a saviour for many small businesses which did not have any online presence. The Minnions tech helped them to come online and to expand their customer base even in the tough time, by utilising the potential of internet during the pandemic. 

Today he has become an Icon in the field of digital marketing startups and many youngsters look up to him. With a strong will and an ardent desire to make a real change, Bivek has converted things that once seemed to be impossible for him into a reality and is helping a lot of people to grow with him with the help of his tech platform.

You can visit Bivek’s instagram handle @hellobivek
and Minnions tech website at MINNIONS TECH