Clint Riggin’s journey through life has been rocky, motivating as well as colorful. His ability to let go of all things toxic, from relationships to drugs to unproductive companions, and transform his life to one of fulfillment and philanthropy has been challenging but satisfying. Today, his entrepreneurial venture, Limitless Coaching, is asix-figure company, which inspires people to embrace a mentally and physically enriching lifestyle.

After his intense experiences of nonfunctional thyroid, cocaine addiction, and honorary expulsion from the navy, he has pushed himself out of the mess by simply changing his mindset to an optimistic and self-loving one. Within just 8 months, Clint and his Limitless Coaching have taken the fitness industry by storm. Clint fought against the unfair deals of this world, which primarily promoted a visually appealing physique than a healthy one. To cater to their individual needs, he modulated tailored custom courses of dietary habits, fitness exercises, and more for his clients.

Speaking of how a change of mindset can be life-changing, Clint comments, “What kept me going was, knowing that my whole life I’ve slept on opportunities and now that I have something so special to help as many people as I can, it was time to wake up and shine my light.” He strongly believes in accepting one’s past, no matter how devastating and demeaning it is, to live the present and build a beautiful future. History makes a person who they are, and regrets only imprison the soul.

Clint Riggin has made a life for himself based on the honesty of spirit and acceptance of the self. At present, his company is flourishing steadily, with the HR and sales department being built. He can thus expand his horizons to serve a wider audience and fitness enthusiasts.

His journey inspires one to take care of their mental and physical health, to live a better life of peace and happiness, instead of tossing in and out of their bad habits and messy heads.