There is a famous English quote that goes – Passion keeps the soul alive but your job keeps the body alive. It is rightly conveyed that though, on the first hand, it is very important to keep pursuing the hobbies that you like to keep your heart refreshed and alive. But, on a more practical approach, you need a job that is enough to sustain the needs and wants of you and your family. Converging the two has been the most important issue of this generation as more and more people are leaving their daily jobs because of the monotonous dead routines, and turning into following their true passions to live a life that they dream of. But, these very dreams are farthest away from the real world, and so many people often fall hard and on their faces. It is very important to find the right balance, and so, let us meet one of the rising most influential personalities all over the world, Dr. Arpit Bansal, and learn the art of finding passion in your profession.

Dr. Arpit Bansal is a laparoscopic cancer surgeon by his profession and a wildlife bird photographer by his passion. Growing up in Allahabad, Arpit always wanted to be a doctor owing to his empathetic and compassionate nature. Because of this, he always felt a strong bond between Mother Nature and himself. His interest in photography sowed its first seeds during his post-graduation years.

He says – “Ever since I was a little boy, I have always felt a deep attachment towards Mother Nature and Natural Wonders. Throughout my college days, I was drawn towards the peace and tranquillity of nature rather than partying in an enclosed environment. My love and affection for birds were born during my post-graduation days at Nagpur in 2010.”

Since then, there is no turning back for this doctor cum wildlife photographer. Today, Dr. Bansal is considered amongst the biggest names in wildlife bird photography not only in India but globally.  Out of the 1349 species of birds found in the country, Dr. Bansal has already captured 918 through his dynamic lenses. Out of all the birds, Dr. Bansal considers the owls to be his favourite, for their majestic stature. Amongst the 36 species of owls that are found in India, he has photographed 33. Recently , Dr. Bansal photographed the elusive Oriental Bay Owl in the Thick Rainforest Of Assam . This Owl Is extremely Difficult to photograph and Dr Bansal said “It was a thrilling experience photographing it in the pitch dark night deep inside the dense rainforest of Dehing Patkai”

Talking about finding the right balance between changing attires for a doctor and a wildlife photographer, Dr. Bansal says that the similarities in the two jobs help him become better in both. Be it the attached patience in holding his lense or his scalpel, or the satisfaction after shooting the perfect shot of a bird or the successful conclusion of a rare surgery; he finds himself lucky to be blessed with two passions. And he strives to achieve par excellence in both of them, through patience and constant focus.