We have often seen how businesses leverage traditional tools of marketing to reach the maximum audience. While billboards, brochures and hoardings still have their place in promoting a business venture, the rising demand for social media has changed the game in the last few years. The internet has certainly proved to be beneficial over the last two decades. Leveraging on digital means, entrepreneur Rohit Khosla shares how social media has become a part and parcel of every industry. The Delhi based entrepreneur is currently managing the prestigious R.K. International Group.

R.K. International Group is a conglomerate founded by his father Mr. Kamal Khosla over four decades ago. Born in the era of the internet, Rohit Khosla believes that social media has turned out to be more than just a communication platform. Apart from interacting with near and dear ones, Mr. Khosla calls social media an integral part for businesses to reach out to a wider audience. According to the entrepreneur, the digital medium has proved to be imperative for businesses for easier and more seamless communication.

Moreover, Rohit Khosla is of the opinion that a business or a brand is identified by its presence on the webspace. “The traditional visiting card that was a thing in the past is now replaced with the website. A company or a brand website is a must as it acts as a resume and also helps in increasing the visibility among the audience”, he added. Imbibing this digital change in his business operations, many of his companies have attracted potential customers from across the globe.

Another crucial part and the most important benefit as suggested by Rohit Khosla about promoting a business through the digital medium is the fact that it helps in tracking the competition. “Social media channels not just allow us to keep a tab on the latest marketing tactics, but also understand what the competitors in the market are upto. This helps any brand or a company to follow a different approach to target a particular section of the audience”, stated Rohit. The knowledge Rohit Khosla has gained is a process of these last few years.

After pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in 2014, the talented businessman did his MBA in Entrepreneurship from the well-established Oxford University. Along with it, he also has certifications from other prestigious institutions of the world like Harvard University, London School of Economics, Stanford University, and Wharton Business School. Apart from taking R.K. International Group to a new high, entrepreneur Rohit Khosla has other businesses under his name including New Delhi Medical Centre, Gulf Visa Services, Khosla Travels Pvt. Ltd., New Star Medical Centre, Gulf Medical Centre, Khosla Transport Company, R.K. International Skill Development Centres and Khosla Exim Pvt. Ltd.