Last couple of years has been quite strenuous for businesses globally. The world was shut down and people could not even step out of their houses. Even now we can’t deny the danger of getting the virus. It is still dangerous to go to offices daily and work without following the covid 19 protocols. This has made the Internet even bigger place to enhance business and reach out to maximum people.

Rohit Kumar, Founder & CEO Media Trendz & his entire team has been working tirelessly all these times to help their client’s business fight against all odds to make companies & businesses work and survive these difficult times. Working and running business smoothly is not just lucrative for the company but also for hundreds and thousands of employees working in that company or associated with the company. The team at this Delhi based media & advertising agency understands this and put all his hard work & expertise to help them.

Internet has changed the way of marketing & communication all over the world and now with this pandemic online marketing is not just an option. Every business is now turning to agencies for their marketing requirements. And companies like Media Trendz are walking the talk by giving them results par excellence. From startup to become a leading name globally the team has worked with over 500+ brands domestically and internationally.

The array of their service is very huge. They offer you a wide range of solutions for all your marketing needs. According to the Founder & CEO Rohit Kumar “we are known for 360 degree marketing, we help business, in Development, Marketing & Branding the three essential pillars of any business or startup. We help them in development with our Web Development & Mobile App Development services. In Marketing we offer a wide range of digital marketing services which includes Social Media Marketing, E Mail Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Mobile Marketing etc. When we talk about one of the most essential part of business that is Branding, we offer Logo Designing, Web Banners Designing, Creative Designing, Stationary Designing, Marketing Materials etc. Apart from these we do offer Print, Radio, & Television Advertising services.”

Before joining the entrepreneurship feat, Rohit Kumar has served around 6 years in media & has also served as a Media Consultant at the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer’s Welfare. A Journalist turned Entrepreneur Rohit Kumar is a young & dynamic brand manager, social media manager & an influential figure. He has worked for more than 100 Individuals , Celebrities , Influencers & Companies. He has also been associated with Brands like NDTV, News 24, Live India in his career.

With the impact of pandemic, the demand of digital marketing has increased. And it has become very clear that the big enterprises would rely upon online marketing more than ever. More and more companies are now increasing their online marketing budgets and agencies like Media Trendz are taking every opportunity to grow and help companies in reaching out its customers in more impactful way with the team & overall experience they have onboard.