Online gaming has become an integral part of youngsters’ lives in today’s scenario and yes, we can see many of them earning a good amount from gaming. There are many streamers & gamers flooded on YouTube promoting their gaming style videos and reaction videos of various games. Meet one such multi-talented, young & dynamic Gamer, YouTuber Bharat Singh. His channel ‘Badge 99’ is one of the trending channels on YouTube. He is a very fantastic Free-Fire player with about 8.19 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Family & Education

Bharat Singh is a young player, 21 years old and comes from Nainital (Uttarakhand). He belongs to a middle-class family. He has completed his schooling at Hermann Gmeiner School Bhimtal. Later after 12th, he took the admission for Commerce Graduation but unfortunately left the college in six months because of interest in gaming. 

The Beginning

Bharat was like other kids active in playing rather than studying. He used to play lots of mobile games. Later, he came to know more about the online game Free-Fire. So he started playing and felt good getting connected with friends online. Due to the low financial conditions of the family, Bharat started working in a mobile shop to earn some amount. But due to his interest in games, he was more active in playing games. Seeing the other YouTubers & gamers on social media, Bharat started his YouTube channel on 8th January 2016. Number 99 was his favorite number since childhood. so, he kept the ‘Badge 99’ name of his channel.

He later created a couple of YouTube channels streaming videos of games like PUBG, Free-Fire, etc. but couldn’t get the needed audiences. Later he shifted to his first Free-Fire channel, focused on video improvisation and practice. Worked hard on videos and today, his channel adores 8+ million subscribers 

Family Support

Well, the family wasn’t that much supportive initially as they have bad financial conditions. His parents want him to work and earn some money for the home. But, Bharat was keen on his interest in games. He wants to be an entertainer in the gaming world. He wants to spread a smile on everyone’s face through his gaming videos. Bharat also wants to set an example for others that Gaming can also be a good profession and there is a future in this world also. 


Presently, Bharat is pushing himself towards his 10 Million Diamond Play Button from Youtube. He will be soon debuting on the OTT platform because of his acting skills. Have you seen his videos on YouTube? Well, his videos are absolutely amazing with entertainment-focused content and also the finest acting skills. Recently his channel crossed 8+ million subscribers and is trending over the Internet.  


Bharat wants to set an example for newbie gamers. He says, “I want to be an entertainer who can make you smile on a daily basis through games. I also want to set an example for newcomers or those who want to enter the gaming world that gaming could be a well-earning profession too! If you have the passion to achieve your dreams and if you do things dedicatedly then nothing can stop you! Success will be yours!” 

Badge99 Esports

Bharat Singh’s PR Manager, Dheeraj Singh Karki has recently formed his ESports team Badge99 Esports and is doing absolutely well. They scored 7th position of ESPL Season 2 powered by India Today Gaming. The team also won many Esports events including Codashop, Snapdragon Invitational, and many more to name a few.