The rising number of small-scale businesses in India are lately getting equipped to social media and digitalization. With many SMEs identifying the potential social media has of connecting with the audience, it has given birth to many influencers from different categories. Fashion remains one of the most sought categories where we have seen an ample number of influencers rising at an exponential rate. One such popular name is Roopal Shah, also known as Rupal Shah. Hailing from Surat, she has played a pivotal role in promoting many small-scale companies on social media.

Creating a path of her own, Roopal Shah is rightly setting an example for women of all age groups . Being a lovely wife and a proud mother, she has maintained the right balance between her personal and professional life. According to the influencer, it is essential to step out of the comfort zone and learn various aspects of varied fields. Her popularity and humbleness have undeniably done wonders on social media as the lady enjoys a mammoth fan following from all over Gujarat.

By promoting various small-scale brands, Roopal Shah hopes to boost the startup ecosystem across India. While many have a notion that Mrs. Shah does paid collaboration with the small-scale brands, but that is not the case. Speaking about the same, she said, “We all start from scratch. Rather than involving commercials, I believe in building relationships with small-scale brands and startups. If every business manages to perform exceptionally well, many people from our country will become self-employed.”

Mrs. Roopal grabbed everyone’s attention for her effortless style statement. The beautiful woman very well understands the latest fashion trends happening in the market. As a fashion influencer, she has been a jury member and a judge at various fashion events and dance shows. Additionally, with Surat being home to textiles, Roopal Shah has an aim to boost the growth of many textile industries of Surat and other adjoining areas on a pan India level. Besides promoting SMEs, Roopal Shah also has collaborated with several well-known brands like Nescafe, Bioderma, Lays, Parle-G, LOQI and many more.

For her, earning a good reputation is of utmost importance rather than earning more money. “You can create wealth, but to create goodwill, I feel one must build good ties with almost every brand and business entity from the market”, stated Roopal. As a philanthropist, Roopal has often taken a stand for people in need. However, her donations and contributions have always remained low-key as she does not prefer to reveal about her charitable works. Well, we must say that the work Roopal Shah is doing is not for the betterment of people and their businesses, but for the overall development of the country. Keep doing the great work Mrs. Roopal Shah and keep inspiring everyone with your admirable work.