Have you ever experienced the feeling of being a misfit in your office or your workplace, or if the thought of running your own business or being your own boss has ever crossed your mind while commuting to your office, then yes, you are probably in the wrong place. A very young businessman and author Jeetujayson Raju share his journey of breaking out from the monotonous phase of his work life and becoming an entrepreneur in his latest co-authored book ‘Escape the Rat Race.’ In his book, Jeetujayson emphasizes the fact that how such a myriad of professionals are dissatisfied with their work and hence should reconsider their niche and start something original.


Resembling most of us Jeetujayson was also a working professional teaching Computer Aided Design to students on a daily basis in an institution. Jeetujayson was aware of the fact that there is very little to no growth in his job, but eventually, the hunger for fulfilling his potential drove him towards becoming a successful businessman. Jeetujayson started his own PR company and worked hard towards its success, soon after accomplishing his goals in life he co-authored ‘Escape The Rat Race’ to motivate more and more people in fulfilling their dreams.


At 26, Jeetujayson became a mental health advocate and started coaching people who had experienced emotional setbacks in life. “I started coaching people at the age of 26 after I was food poisoned and admitted to the ER. I went through PTSD and panic attacks. I was aware of the negative effects of having bad mental health and hence after the tragedy I rebuilt myself and adopted an entirely new philosophy. People started observing my peaceful behavior and were shocked to see the sense of clarity in me. People were curious and wanted to know the secret behind my changed personality so I started to coach people for free, and I did that for a while but after looking at the response I thought I should turn this into a business and I did. But becoming some kind of a guru wasn’t something that I had envisioned.” He further explained why he switched his business and the reasons behind his book, “Frankly speaking, I wanted a more traditional business, unlike being a life coach, which basically isn’t a proper business in my opinion. So I switched to branding and public relations. I still coach people for free whenever I get the time and luckily I have been featured on Thrive Global where I have made my style of thinking condensed into a short article for others to read. But I think a book would be more substantial, hence the book Escape the Rat Race”


Talking about the philosophy he believes in, Jeetujayson explained, “My philosophy of work is a little weird and differs from that of others. I was a spiritual guy for a while so I am okay failing and not having life go as I want to. This makes me less desperate, I chase success knowing fully that things might not work out and I could lose everything. And I am okay with that. If you think straight, you are destined to lose everything one day. So if you accept your ultimate demise. I think life is a cakewalk at best or a challenge when it gets rough.”


While there are many struggling entrepreneurs out there patiently waiting for getting a break, Jeetujayson’s success came in a jiffy, sharing his mantra he advised the struggling entrepreneurs to do what is needed and avoid dramas. “To be honest I haven’t struggled to become an entrepreneur. I had done what the situation demanded at the time to achieve success without making a fuss about it. So I advise struggling entrepreneurs to just do what is needed and avoid being dramatic. There is nothing overly difficult about growing a company or working in general. It’s just a normal thing to do. For as long as you don’t look at someone else’s life, and compare it with yours, you’re going to enjoy it.”