To say that this year has been tough for business owners would be an understatement. Overnight, businesses have been forced to adapt and build online businesses to survive the pandemic with little or no training giving rise to several digital marketing experts and professionals who are continuously evolving and helping these businesses thrive amid the pandemic. 

The 25 years old digipreneur Vansh Mehra is among one renowned specialist who has been scaling businesses through his mindful approaches and advanced digital marketing strategies. He has helped a lot of small and large scale enterprises increase their online presence and build credibility through his firm named Digisharks Communications. To date, many clients have benefitted from his tools and tactics, gaining tremendous benefits in favour of their firm. 

Besides being an established digital marketing expert, Vansh Mehra is also a known name in social and political circles. The young man has come a long way in establishing his reputation in society. With a diploma in engineering from a reputed institute, the young man is also a Founder of a news portal known as The Indian Alert, which has made him a popular name among politicians. Crediting his expertise in technology, Vansh has also manifested a strong foothold in the industry of Digital PR. Laying a firm foundation as a PR professional with methodologies that excel in the domain, he has successfully assisted brands in building a credible presence and enhancing their image in the competitive market. As brands and business owners continue to find new ways to grow, Vansh ensures to procure them with processes that scream brilliance.

As an expert in politics, he has successfully led several digital campaigns for a known political party. He made his inroads to the BJP IT Cell, emerging as BJP IT Co-convenor of Shamli District.

With his persistent effort and a vision to work towards the nation’s development, he has been awarded for various achievements, including the Human Achiever Award from AR Foundation. He is also called as the guest of honour in Miss and Mrs Karnal and the Associate Partner in the events like Miss and Mrs Debut Tiara and so on. Besides, Vansh is also an authorized vendor of the BJP. He played an important role in the election campaign for the said party in Uttarakhand in 2017. His childhood has been mainly in the district of Shamli in the UP state, but he is currently based in the National Capital, gaining one thing or the other improving his profile.

That said, for Vansh there is no looking back as he is constantly working towards enhancing his overall portfolio and helping more and more startups and businesses achieve the desired results. Looking at his achievements, one can undoubtedly say that he is a man who is on a mission to transform lives and bring change through his powerful ideas and convincing strategies.