If you are associated with the digital world directly or indirectly or have a little bit of knowledge about web development, artificial intelligence, app development, creative work, and digital marketing then you must be familiar with the name Harsh Joshi. Yes, today we are talking about a young and dynamic entrepreneur whose story can be a source of motivation for everyone who wants to achieve a significant mark in the digital world. He is a motivational speaker, a phenomenal writer, a successful businessman and what not? So curious to know more about him? Then let’s start his story!! His company named Ernstaa Technologies is known to provide highly reliable and trustworthy services of promotion, digital marketing, creative brand placement, artificial intelligence, brand consultations and many more. At present Ernstaa Technologies, have more than 50 clients at the National and international level.

The secret of success!!

According to Harsh the secret of such quick success is nothing else than hard work and the latest technology. He constantly works to improve his skills and technology as well as upgrade himself with the increasing demands of the modern world. And due to this reason, his organisation always stays ahead of others. As he started working with different national and international level business organisations, enterprises, brands, bloggers and artists; he learned a lot of new things and transformed them into his work to improve quality and efficiency.

A renowned author as well!
Mr Joshi is not just an entrepreneur, he is a dynamic personality. Yes, he is a successful writer and a motivational speaker as well. A few months back he published a book named “The Mindset Of A Growing Entrepreneur”, which carries all the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and can prove to be a milestone for all the new-age entrepreneurs of the nation. If you haven’t read this book yet then you must have missed something very important. This book reveals different principles in a very easy to understand manner like- how one can analyse the complexity of the situation? how to maintain your confidence in difficult situations? How to manage your budget? and how can one start their journey towards a startup with limited capital? Through this book, he shares his experience as an entrepreneur with the younger generations. Here he had covered everything from competition to effective marketing strategies, to economic aspects. In short, we can say that this book is a must-read for everyone who is looking to establish himself as an entrepreneur in the upcoming time.

What’s left now?
I am sure after reading the story of Harsh, you must be thinking that nothing is left to achieve for him but that’s not true. The man whom we are talking about is a visionary. Such a person will never get satisfied with something decent or ordinary; they always inspire extraordinary targets and have sky-high imagination. And the best part is that he is just 25 now, so the best of Harsh is yet to come. When we talked to Harsh about his upcoming goals then he mentioned that in future as well he wants to serve more and more people and organisations with his world-class services as a digital marketer and wanted to establish Ernstaa Technologies as an international level digital marketing platform. Besides this, his future plans include the welfare of society and the youth as well. He would like to continue his work as a motivational speaker and writer. Hope in future we will get the chance to read and appreciate some other masterpieces penned by Mr Joshi.