Social media has uplifted its power over time and today it helps people follow their passion on a global scale. Eminent Entrepreneur Neel Shah, at the age of 20 has exemplified how social media can make your career if you have the right skills. Memes have become an integral part of our lives and Neel Shah has put his all to entertain people via memes. By coming up with Log.Kya.Sochenge, which is currently gaining followers exponentially, Neel has entertained many people.

On asking about the motto behind starting the page, he said, “ Bringing a smile on everyone’s face has been the sole reason behind starting the page.” Adding to it, Neel also admits that over time, memes have become an integral part of the marketing industry as well. However, it is not everyone’s forte to use their creative skills and go with meme marketing. On asking further about it, the entrepreneur says, “ Today’s generation is blessed with everything at their fingertips. However, their lack of patience is what might keep them behind their goals. Social media marketing is a huge field but it requires patience and consistency to know your audience and work accordingly.”

Neel Shah has run many campaigns successfully and has managed to enhance his networking skills. Social media campaigns for brands like Tiktok, Likee, HelloApp & AamAadmiParty is no less than a challenge however Neel managed to ace it with his innovative ideas. From uplifting small-scale businesses to helping aspiring entrepreneurs, Neel Shah has not only managed to climb the ladder of success but has uplifted society.

With power, financial independence, and fame, social media also comes with a lot of challenges and no one knows this better than Neel. Starting LKS Media and taking it to the heights it deserves was a lot more challenging than people can even think of. Being aware of the situations, surrounding and client requirement has what allowed Neel and his team of experts to handle every work perfectly. While Neel’s social media page is currently having 4.5 million active followers, his popularity as an Entrepreneur is also rising. Today every Entrepreneur wants to work with him, knowing his intelligence and determination. Memes have surely transformed the entire market for the better and with Neel’s skills, one can say that over time Neel’s intelligence will revamp the market for better.