Amazon Founder & CEO Jeff Bezos’s Net Worth, Richest men on Earth 2020, Richest Person in World: On Wednesay, Jeff Bezos did something that no human has yet done. He became the first man to have a net worth in excess of $200 billion. At the same time Amazon stock prices went up 3%, as customers rush to shop online due to the pandemic. Even Bezos’ ex-wife, Mckenznie Bezos has been made rich by this; she’s now the 13th richest person in the world, with a net worth of $66.2 billion.

Jeff Bezos saw his net worth increase $5.3 billion yesterday. He’s leading the rich list by at least $80 billion, ahead of the last longtime topper of the list, Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

In the past year, Bezos’ net worth has increased by $87 billion while Bill Gates added $11 billion to his wealth. Amazon sales grew amidst the lockdown as stores were shut across the globe. Amazon’s online grocery sales tripled on-year basis in the April-June quarter.

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Ever since the beginning of 2020, Amzon’s share price has gone up almost 89%. As the pandemic hits countires across the globe, and more and more customers shift to online shopping, the ecommerce giant has been scaling up operations in order to cope with increased demand.

At the same time Tesla boss Elon Musk reached $101 billion of net worth, making him the fourth to do so.  In 2020, so far, Elon Musk has added $73.6 billion to his wealth as the stock price gained 400%. 

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