Youth is for growth, taking risks, and making your wildest dreams a reality. It is a season of life meant for big things, and Ishan Kalra has embraced it all.

The 18-year-old entrepreneur is the founder of a Social Media Marketing and PR agency. Ishan Kalra has served hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses, as well as numerous multinational companies. In order to make the climb to the agency, Kalra had to be astute in his decision making. At the time of the company’s birth, he was a student, having taught himself the ropes as a precocious tween. Before he was eighteen, he had made himself ready with the mindset and actions as his name was turning heads in the entrepreneurial world. 

Having mined his own seed money, he funnelled his work into his true passion. Tackling the arduous task of building a social media following, he now has an impressively large footprint online. Through this organic growth, he gained a world-class hands-on education on marketing and branding with intention. Building visibility and brand authority is something he does well, as proven through Waft’s beginnings and current work.

His digital firm helps Fortune 500 companies and aspiring brands boost their brand authority, growing their SEO rankings and getting them discovered by all the right people. With a carefully curated team of diligent masters of their craft, Ishan and his team have maintained a book of business that includes an extensive list of A-list brands. Kalra’s success in public relations has garnered over a big number in sales in just two years. As of today, Kalra’s Agency has advised countless new businesses, bringing them to their feet fast and accelerating their development at a rapid and fruitful pace. 

“The internet is the great leveller, there are no big and small companies anymore. In the age of the internet, if you seem big, then you are; it is all about perception and getting perceived the right way,” explains Kalra.

“Your reputation is not everything you need to succeed, because you still need to back it up with excellent delivery. However, it does lay the foundation you need to come out roaring as a new business.”

In an age of connection and instant gratification, Kalra knows the importance of not just building, but maintaining a brand in the public sphere. His agency ensures that not only are their brands receiving the visibility they deserve but that those brands sustain their success internally and externally. 

For the young entrepreneur, online presence is second nature, and organic growth is something he has a reputation for excelling in. With its current trajectory, he’ll be bringing Waft to even further heights in the coming years.