A renowned personality in the field of beauty science, Jyotsna Reddy is an ingenious entrepreneur who extended her passion with her beauty line Twenty Beauty. This beautypreneur holds fan base of millions on social media in South Asian  region. She pursued  international baccalaureate specialised in economics and visual arts. As an graduate of cosmetic science and an advocate of inclusivity, she curated products enriched with cosmeceuticals with a blend of technology that harmonize diversity.

She has been modeling appearances in print and television advertising campaigns for many international designer fashion brands and walking for runways , receiving many prestigious modeling offers, but seen her in latest brand ambassadorship of her own beauty line which has international presence in the world for its inclusiveness, diversity and unique outstanding curation.

She created a dynamic beauty community where each individual inspires and embrace the other. Also, to encourage a culture of collaboration and innovation in the company, She enabled a plethora of compartmentalized channels to unleash the creative potential of every individual to align with the aura of the brand’s vision in the organisation. With perseverance and creativity, She has worked relentlessly hard to foster and empower women and children through her foundation named after the brand itself – Twenty Foundation.