Kanishk Gupta, aged 21, is a young entrepreneur from the National capital region who has found trailblazing firm Incomet Learnings Pvt Ltd, which is an e-learning platform for aspiring traders and investors in the stock market. Apart from the unique business idea Incomet is known for its fare tax practices and is among one of the highest taxpaying start-ups in the country.

Kanishk, who started Incomet at the age of just 20, understands the importance of fair tax practices. He says, “We are working in the financial sector, if we won’t understand the importance of fair tax payment, then who else will? The tax we are paying is ultimately used in our development only or for the help of fellow citizens and society.”

By adhering to all the taxpaying norms Kanishk wants to set an example for the trainees in Incomet as well as other young entrepreneurs who are the future of our country. He says “Present generation is as much nationalist as its forefathers. We want to see India among the most developed economies of the world, technologically and financially advanced and less corrupted.

For that, we are ready to do all kinds of contributions. Many young guys like me are turning into entrepreneurs not only for self-reliance but to help others in employment too. Government is doing its bit, but that is not sufficient; so citizens should also contribute to their level best.”

He further adds “Evading tax or not following the tax norms properly ultimately harms us, not only corruption level rise but the country suffers too.” Kanishk Gupta and young people like him are examples for the young generation. They are not only helping themselves in becoming financially sound but helping the nation realizing its dreams too.