At one point online marketing was just a new and different way to market. It opened up a new form of media on which to peddle goods and services. But within just the past few years, the importance of digital marketing has become something else. It’s become an integral part of what a business is to its customers.

It’s no longer enough to have a website or run some un-focused Ads campaign. Don’t have integrated digital marketing strategies working for your business? It’s time to get on board the ace digital marketer and YouTuber Vijay Lathwal and Surendar Singh.

As the Internet becomes entwined with everything, the importance of digital marketing is becoming crystal clear when Vijay handles it. Also when you need a source of entertainment it’s Surendar Singh’s YouTube channel that you have to tune in.

Lathwal helps in providing services like reaching people where they spend their times and money, Levels the Playing Field for Small Business, More Targeted, Can Be Hyper-Personalized, Easy to Scale & Adapt. While Surendar helps in delivering the best of the best YouTube content.

When asked about his inspiration Vijay says, “I read books like Bhagwat Geeta, Ramayana and some successful person books they give me guidance and motive.”