Nowadays, everything has become more and more advanced. Everyone shows talent in different ways in this era, and the era of 9 to 5 jobs has gone. Everyone now wants to be creative. There are a lot of young stars who always prove themselves as role models. Mr Santosh Sapkota is one of them. Mr Santosh Sapkota was born on April 2nd, 1998, in Rupandehi, Nepal. He is the 3rd child of his parents. He always wanted to do something different and unique for his country, and he always became determined to do something unique, so he chose digital marketing for his career. This name has now become quite popular for us.

In recent times, Digital Marketing has become a critical part of Internet international and its fame. We are habitual to live within the Digital Space; you ought to have a wonderful reputation. However, now no longer all, and sundry are aware of the way to do it. Santosh Sapkota is one of the few who is aware of the magic of virtual marketing.

He is a famous Singer. Mr Santosh Sapkota is also known as a famous songwriter and Digital Entrepreneur.

According to him, “Having a decent online presence can help a person a lot. It has become more crucial than before. It has become more than a need as we move into a technology-dependent world. This time, people trust social media more than they trust anyone”.

With this mindset, he established a digital marketing agency in 2021 and named it ‘SS Digital Techno care’. His company gets a lot of popularity in between some days. It is known as a primary service of celebrity management. It helps many well-known celebrities to manage their social media handles. They are Pashupati Sharma, Arjun Sapkota, Devi Gharti Magar, Jaya Devkota, Raju Dhakal, Shirish Devkota, Kushal Bhurtel, Hemant Sharma, Bimal Adhikari and even more.

When he started his career, he worked as a freelancer for a few years. He used to manage the social media handles. During those years, he laboured as a digital marketer, social media manager, and co-artist with a few famed musicians. From childhood, he loved music. And this passion for music helped him to go forward into the field of singing and songwriting.

In one interview, he said,” One of my biggest supporters is my brother Arjun Sapkota. He always motivated me to go forward”. His brother is also a very famous Singer. Till now, he has recorded a lot of songs. He has millions of followers on YouTube, and they love Arjuna a lot. When Santosh was in trouble and struggling, his brother always supported him.

As Mr. Santosh Sapkota always understands the importance of digital marketing, he does everything for it. In his interviews, he always tells how important digital marketing is for him and everyone in this generation. His online presence helped him to grow a lot.

This online marketing is very crucial for a business. Santosh says that one can get more and more audiences and get in touch with everyone through this. It acts like a weapon to promote oneself towards the world. Through digital marketing, the whole marketing process becomes easier. A person can easily go for it because it is affordable and impacts the normal traditional method. It is a way to promote a small business in the cheapest method. Through him, we come to know that many people supported him when he started his venture, but many discouraged him. They always told him that because of the pandemic, he might face many problems to survive.

He always becomes determined and knows that he can do it and trusts that the pandemic period can help him because people now use mobile and the Internet to study work or overcome boredom. He never stopped trusting himself and his talent. He is now only 22 years old and has become one of the best digital entrepreneurs, making his dream true. And his journey is still going on. His dedication and efforts make him an inspiration for many people.