You have to take some chances to make a difference. It’s the thrill that attracts Mohd Zaki in the world of entrepreneurship. Zaki is the founder and managing director of multiple establishments, including Firenetinfotech, Brandningglory, Zanamfoundation, theghaziabadtimes, and asiantimesnow. He started Firenetinfotech in 2019 and invested in other firms recently in 2021.

Mohd Zaki is a founder and managing director of 5 firms. Do you know what makes him successful? As per him, “I perform by mixing my knowledge and experience. I have a customer-centric approach, which helps me to gain their trust.

Change the pattern

Originally from Ghaziabad, Mohd. Zaki finished his studies at KDB public school. Right now, he is pursuing B.Tech and also managing several businesses, as we discussed. He has also traveled to the USA and Germany to understand the new prospects in his niche.

The journey was never easy. In addition to the studies, he is also handling the tremendous pressure of an entire organization. It’s the primary reason why he generally doesn’t find much time to socialize. But, he changed the structure wherein all the young ones were only looking for jobs after completing their studies.

Step out of the comfort zone

When Zaki started Firenetinfotech in 2019, he was only 17 years old. It’s the time when youngsters generally don’t care about life. But, Zaki already knew his dreams. So, it took only around 60 days, and he was ready with a plan. The proposal was great, but it needed some investment.

Some of Zaki’s friends and family members suggested that he look for a job, which is simple. You only have to face an interview that might work for some rounds. But, he always answered smiling; doing safe things is complacent for me.

Confidence is the key.

Zaki believes that the strength and ideas of entrepreneurs can transform a country’s future. Hence, he makes all the personal and business-related decisions with a strategy that can benefit his vision. He is also very selective about his resources.

Mohd. Zaki receives many job applications, but there are certain checkpoints if you want to work with him. He wants the teammates to be good listeners, receptive, trainable, and learners. But, confidence is the essential quality among all. The world does not consider someone who is not assured about their abilities.

Endurance plays a significant role

Mohd. Zaki is a successful entrepreneur, but there have been challenges in his life. For instance, he was unable to raise funds for his firm in the initial years. Recently, he lost a lot of trustworthy team members due to the Covid outbreak. But, can these hurdles change anything?

You don’t have to give up in unpleasant situations. Do not stop even if there are a lot of hurdles, irrelevant of their significance. Focus on your work and body.

When Zaki started his business in 2019, he knew his mental and physical wellness were two critical factors for his success. You cannot achieve anything without stamina. Hence, he started working out and included yoga in his schedule. He also dreams of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Zaki’s success mantras

  • Do not answer all the people around you. Be answerable only to yourself.
  • Do not stop pursuing your dreams, even if you fail.
  • Success is not a destination. Instead, it’s a journey. There is no ultimate success or final failure.
  • Learn every day until you stop breathing.
  • Set high goals and be determined to achieve them.