Mr. Mayank Jain really always imagined that he was destined to become a Chartered Accountant. As a matter of fact, he did become one – and had the chance to work with several billiondollar companies in close terms. However, this was not set for his future and eventually life took an unexpected turn when he conceived the idea of a digital marketing firm in 2015.  

You might come to think that accountancy and marketing have no connection whatsoever. But Mayank Jain knew otherwise. Since he had closely worked with some of the biggest businesses in the country, he had the keenest insight on how and where marketing and advertisement really worked. Moreover, he knew very well the nature of auditing things. Hence, he was confident that his digital marketing agency would not only optimize people’s virtual spaces but their financial investments as well.  

Elite Discoveries was successful in doing all this and a lot more for the people struggling in virtual media. Today his company has a network of over 500 diverse influencers, all of whom can stand for the mettle of the services he provides. The company has also expanded exponentially and became a high grossing firm. This is a form of achievement which only few companies can achieve in a mere time span of five years.  

Although, the initial days of the company were filled with struggle and Mr. Mayank Jain dealt with losses, things look fairly stable now and the complexities that come with a new business also began to settle down, as Mr. Jain reminded himself “Never forget why you started this.” He strove on until he found success.  However, he still needs to take caution, since the virtual space is a highly fluctuating platform.

We hope that Mr. Mayank Jain and his team are able to continue to give their best to Elite Discoveriesand they may have all the success, that this man has envisioned