As a businessman when you are effectively doing everything, having experience in different business areas is a significant advantage. Every industry has key business practices that you can learn and apply to your entrepreneurial efforts and this can be a huge plus when building your business. Likewise, Rajasthan based entrepreneur Shubham Saini is currently making the most out of his experience of handling multiple business ventures at a young age.

This young and dynamic entrepreneur is a proud owner of M/s SR Malakar and ten other companies that are in the fields of construction, mining, event management, automobiles, and many more. Shubham has been touching new heights owing to his hard work and entrepreneurial skills. Being a multifaceted entrepreneur puts an individual on the treadmill 24*7, Shubham who is just twenty years old is proving that age is just a number with each passing day.

His fresh mindset and approach towards the business have helped him conquer several opportunities, further letting the investors entrusting Shubham’s skills. Shubham possesses great leadership qualities which is one of the major reasons why he called an epitome of a multifaceted businessman.

Shubham is a huge fanatic of fancy and premium cars. He owns couple of extravagance cars, including a BMW 520D, at the ready age of 18. His affection for cars has followed him from there onward. Shubham serves the general public by aiding during critical crossroads, the latest being the COVID pandemic wherein he donated 20 lacs rupees. He has been helping the weak segments of the general public by giving different fundamentals.