It is rightly said that a dog is man’s best friend. From making their owners feel like nothing is more important to livening up our homes and moods, dogs have been around us forever. However, while all selfish humans thought about getting love from animals and only feeding them in return, entrepreneur Hitesh Thawani had another thought – to give back all the love and care we receive from dogs to the furry-four-legged creatures.

Hitesh owns a pet spa in Dubai named Precious Paws and it comes highly recommended by their clients. The business caters to the special needs of our furry best friends and why not…. everyone deserves some ‘me time’. And if pets can have clothes and passports, why not a spa too?

The idea of owning a pet-pampering business came to Hitesh’s brother Harish when he saw the former giving his dog Baileys a massage. Harish suggested to his brother a venture where dogs could be pampered to the fullest and the pet lover that Hitesh is, couldn’t turn it down. Well, Precious Paws is not just a spa but also a pet store that caters to healthy-living pet food requirements.

Elaborating on the high pet food standards that his store serves, Hitesh reveals, “We source only high-quality pet products, and serve premium-quality pet food and treats. Our shampoos are 100% organic and natural, that help promote good fur in animals.”

The spa also offers mobile services, which means your pet’s grooming services are just one call away. A Van equipped to cater to your pet and pamper them, arrives at your doorstep. What more could a customer ask for? The business also offers Daycare services.

Business is not always on Hitesh’s mind. Just like every other business, his too took a huge hit amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he thought not as employers but as employees for a while and hired 2 more staff to join them, instead of firing any of their existing staff. The business owners went digital and provided services to their clients even during the pandemic, thus only solidifying their reputation amongst their clientele. “I did not reduce any staff’s salary and hired 2 new people to support them and their families back home,” revealed Harish. Well, what more could an employee ask for?