A couple of days after three Paytm employees were arrested for blackmailing Paytm founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma, family members of one of the accused ex-Paytm corporate communications head, Sonia Dhawan, have said that her arrest is just a cover-up. Making a statement after being accused in this case, Sonia Dhawan has also said that there is more into this case apart from what has appeared in the public light. Speaking after Sonia Dhawan was accused in the case, her brother-in-law hinted that there is someone from Paytm chief’s family who was behind the ransom calls. The brother-in-law added that he has hard evidence which can prove this.

Meanwhile, Sonia Dhawan’s counsel has rejected all the allegations against his client and said that it is a plot to frame her. Sonia Dhawan’s lawyer Prashant Tripathi has mentioned that Sonia Dhawan, who holds share worth crores in the company, was being forced pressurised to sell her existing shares, according to media reports. Moreover, her counsel has added that his client was working at a senior post and had a stable position. She was recently promoted to vice president, Corporate Communications of the company and was also associated with the company during its initial years and rising period.

Speaking to a leading daily, Sonia Dhawan’s mother said that her daughter was the face of the company after Paytm boss. Another family member of Sonia Dhawan, her sister Rupali, hinted that this is a case of a political rivalry since she was being pressurised to sell her shares, a fact, which has also been mentioned by Sonia’s counsel.

Sonia Dhawan’s family has mentioned that she was a dedicated employee who has been associated with the company since 2007. Considering that Sonia Dhawan was earning well and had financial assets, it doesn’t get down the throat that she will do all this for just Rs 4 crore, added her sister’s husband. 

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