A committed man can change the world was the seed of thought which graduated over period time to a firm belief for the young entrepreneur & businessman Piyush Singh Chauhan. He says when you start as an entrepreneur, everything happens for the first time, the challenges the discoveries, the celebration and even the mistakes. Every meeting appears to be an opportunity & every proposition helpful. It truly matters what we do and whom we do it for; for self or by taking actions that benefit people and the society at large. According to Piyush Singh Chauhan the New Entrepreneur believes in co-operation, partnership and trust among all by doing business oriented for the good of the people and not just money.

If you do what everyone else is doing, you become a face in the crowd and you know, identity does matter. The mind filled with turbulence as career opportunities kept coming while Piyush graduated to be a civil engineer. But as genetic fervor holds, the call was there to start with, to build a business world of tomorrow.. to be a conglomerate.

Piyush Singh began by exploring & studying market opportunities around him and zeroed down on the retail sector, the ‘cash n carry’ market. This lead to the establishment of the retail brand ROC which has the motto “ to serve everyone, to serve every second.” True to its name, it is a 24 hr Service store , you name it & you have it. His sheer hard work & effort led to one store after the other with net value of 100 crore.

He holds many offices apart from ‘ROC’. He is not only the CEO of ROC but also the Vice Chairman of SR Group of Institutions which imparts education to approximately 15000 students. He is also the Board Member in IPSUM Medicare & Chief adviser of VAGA Super-speciality Hospital.

The young entrepreneur is very active, an ardent cricket lover and athlete, which certains the fact that a man who is fit and healthy is better equipped to take positive decisions. His passion for sports led to a victory medal in the state-level long jump in 2008 followed by lot of accolades. Anandiben Patel, Hon. Governor of Uttar Pradesh felicitated Piyush on February, 20 2020 for rendering his services in diagnostic centres & hospitals.

As a philanthrope, he is actively working towards the welfare of children & their education. Being the Vice-Chairman of SR Group of Institutions (currently with 15,000+ students) he has facilitated meritorious school students who couldn’t afford their education financially. He also went ahead to help economically-weak engineering students from their respective branches.

True to his nature and call for service to the society Piyush and his team went out of way to help the people. In a wake of pandemic and spread of Covid-19 he deliberately took initiatives and collaborated with Food Safety & Drugs Administration of the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh in supplying essential commodities and minimise the panic to a bare minimum. He motivated his entire team as corona warriors to serve the society and people holed up in their homes by ensuring delivery of supplies to every nook and corner of the city. He also collaborated with administration by providing transport to shift the migrating workers. Piyush Singh Chauhan also provided backend support by facilitating premise for quarantine and rehabilitation center thus promoting him as a frontline worker in this Covid crisis.

Piyush Singh Chauhan takes much inspiration from his father Pawan Singh Chauhan a renowned edu-preneur, social worker and a man of ideals who thinks for the people, works for the people and earns for the people. Piyush knows that fortune favours the brand of people who try to create something else. They wish to create a market where the youth is given an opportunity to come together, to share the dream of doing where work is not a burden but a pleasure ; To do Something Better – To do Something Different.