The internet has changed the lives of many people. Ever since its inception, the web has provided opportunities to people from all around the world of all ages. Today, one can run their business (big or small) online without physically setting up a company or office. One such person who worked hard and found his way to grow and earn a better livelihood is Rachit Madan. The field that changed his life forever is Affiliate Marketing.

In 2009, when Rachit Madan was waiting for his call from Infosys, he kept himself busy with freelancing. One of them had a connection with Affiliate Marketing. With more research and learning, he became an expert in the same and, from 2014, has been working full-fledged in the field. Now, Rachit is unstoppable and has big goals in every sector related to the same.

Rachit Madan wants to start working on $1million per month. He is currently into growth marketing, flourishing himself while helping others too via affiliate marketing. As he specialises in optimizing the conversions for any ad campaign, it helps him work with many top brands. Rachit helps these brands to increase their revenue and increase their ROAS, i.e. Return on ad spend.

Today, Rachit has a progressive and optimistic approach to life and career. But taking decisions and reaching this stage in his professional life had its own obstacles. Some of the challenges Rachit faced were choosing the right traffic source, investing in the right resources, and getting in touch with the top marketers. But no matter how many setbacks had come his way, Madan never stopped. That is exactly what has helped him to thrive in his career.

Rachit Madan also a piece of helpful advice to people who wants to do similar work he’s doing and want to succeed. Rachit says, “To create extraordinary goals, one should start planning to work on those goals. They should keep aside all the reasons or excuses. One must also stay up to date with the market trends and keep exploring the internet. Networking is one of the best tools to succeed.”