As they say, “Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war.” One such warrior is Rajiv Adatia who overcame the greatest adversities of life and marked his destiny through his own will and strength. At the tender age of 18, he lost his father and while going through one of the darkest times of his life, he began his journey as a model. It was because of his determined will and perseverance that he was able to overcome the challenges and launch a successful career. Today, he is not only a well-established model and entrepreneur but also a highly influential motivational speaker.

When Rajiv Adatia took up modeling, he was already pursuing his degree in Psychology and Performing Arts. As a model, he worked with many national and international brands and made himself quite famous in the field. After completing his graduation, he started with his aim of entering the business world. Becoming an entrepreneur he set up a wedding decor company called Wed in Style. Further developing his learning horizons, Rajiv Adatia became a part of various production activities, worked with many Hollywood and Bollywood artists, and started an event management company of his own. With his vigorous efforts and zeal, he became a name of shining success in every field he entered.

Even after achieving the greatest of achievements, something was missing out from Rajiv’s life. Though he was highly dedicated and diligent towards his role as a model and an entrepreneur, there was a certain amount of dissatisfaction, which compelled him to explore more. Acknowledging his inner voice, he realized how he always wanted to offer a helping hand to those in need and accompany them in overcoming all their life constraints. For him, it was not just a mere thought, but his very passion. Rajiv Adatia knew that mental health and well-being are not a joke and being a source of motivation and inspiration to those who are trying hard to fight, is one of the noblest things one could do. Owing to his life experiences, he was aware of the power of words. These small, petty words are enough to give meaning to life. When understood at the right time, words can even save a struggling man from drowning. So he finally decided to take up motivational speaking and writing. Reaching out to more and more people, Rajiv Adatia started his own Instagram page (@rajivadatiaquotes) posting motivational quotes and stories.

Positivity is the most significant life mantra that Rajiv believes in. According to him, “Holding on to a positive thought process is what gets you through, even on the darkest of days.” There is no individual in the whole world whose life is free from challenges, but there are some who hold the power of making it a little less worse. These are the ones who choose optimism. The best example is Rajiv Adatia, who continues guiding and inspiring people despite everything negative that he has experienced in life. While spreading awareness about severe mental health problems like depression and anxiety, Rajiv Adatia is also writing a book and bringing together many celebrities to accompany him in this mission.

 You can connect with Rajiv Adatia on Instagram – @rajivadatia