The Indian rupee slipped to a fresh record low of 71.79 against US dollar during the morning trade session on Wednesday.

Around 11.40 am the rupee traded at 71.76 to a dollar before it touched 71.79 — the lowest ever mark — against the greenback.

It opened the day’s trade at the Inter-Bank Foreign Exchange Market at 71.44 to a dollar from its previous close of 71.58 to a greenback.


Sitaram Yechury: Fuel prices rising and the Rupee tumbling – both together, have devastating consequences on lives of ordinary Indians. The PM must answer. Crores of public money wasted on ads for the Modi govt – while ruining lives of a majority of Indians. #Jumlas.

Chetan Bhagat: Tthe Rupee, although stable for last couple of years and a modest decline is expected, has fallen too much lately. While other factors remain, shows international confidence is economy is not as strong as it should be. Neither UPA nor NDA could hold Rupee strong. Sad.

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