Samrat Biswajit is a renowned figure in the word of digital marketing. He is the co-founder of Arc Digitech Private Limited which, in the present time, is a leading digital marketing agency. Besides that, he is an expert with a vast experience in the field of digital marketing, PR consultancy, and search engine optimization services. In a recent interview, Samrat shared his motivations and intentions behind starting his company, and also discussed his future plans. 


Interviewer: Mr. Biswajit, there are so many career options out there. And back in 2013, digital marketing was not a very popular choice. There was a lack of proper knowledge,and lots of uncertainties regarding this field. But still, you opted for it. What drove you to start your digital marketing agency, Arc Digitech?

Samrat Biswajit: From my younger years, I was always motivated by creative things and innovative minds. Through Arc Digitech, I got the chance to channel my creativity and ever since then, my main focus has been to deliver high-quality content writing, marketing, and PR consultancy services to leading national as well as international companies.


Interviewer: They say that every expert was once a beginner. When you were starting your company, you surely wouldn’t have as much knowledge of the ways and possibilities of this field as you do now. So, Mr. Biswajit, what was your primary intent when you started this company?

Samrat Biswajit: When I started Arc Digitech in 2013, I intended to provide affordable and unbundled alternative solutions to high impact clients. I wanted to provide a creative and secure platform where my business clients, and my company professionals, both could grow and learn.


Interviewer: Today, Arc Digitech is the leading digital marketing agency. As an expert PR consultant, Mr. Biswajit, which features do you think makes your company a valuable source of information?

Samrat Biswajit: We have a separate wing, called Press Release Wire, especially for PR consultancy and brand building services. In my 8 year long career, this company has provided me with an opportunity to distribute press releases to more than 500 leading companies such as USA Today, Reuters, Hindustan Times, and many more. The professional press release writing and distribution services provided by our company are what make it valuable and trustworthy in the eyes of our clients.


Interviewer: Mr. Biswajit, Arc Digitech has been the choice of a diverse and large number of clients. You, yourself , possess an extensive knowledge and a vast experience in the field of digital marketing, PR Consultancy, and SEO services. Would you like to discuss what does your company offer its clients?

Samrat Biswajit: Arc Digitech provides, undoubtedly, the best digital marketing services in India. We offer a wide spectrum of work ranging from content writing services search engine optimization, Facebook advertisement management to content management and brand strategy. Our services make an integral part of our client’s success.


Interviewer: From the moment you started Arc Digitech in 2013, right to this moment, you have come a long way, Mr. Biswajit. Being an expert in this field, you have contributed majorly in bringing your company to the heights of success. Where do you plan to take it now? What are your future goals?

Samrat Biswajit: You are calling me an expert, several people do. But I don’t believe that I am an expert. In my opinion, there is still a lot for me to discover every passing day, every passing moment. And I will keep learning every chance I get. Also, my main aim is to increase the radius of Arc Digitech by fulfilling the needs of every high-impact client.